Nikola XP-6 Chromoly Pedal

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Best pedals for athletes with bad knees and hips

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Nikola Innovation designs and manufactures pedals that increase rider power and performance. This is an ideal pedal for triathletes allowing greater comfort and improvements in key metrics like Peak Power and Net Effeciency  with adjustable pedal positioning. The motion help maintain your knees directly over pedal for a proper form you wish to maintain.

Body Material:
Spindle Specifications:
Chromoly and Aluminum
3 hole style shoe  Look Keo compatible
395 grams
Bushing Standards:
Maintenance free
Lateral Benefit:
Improves comfort and performance
Pedal Maintenance:
Recommended lubrication every 1000 miles
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How can you make a simple pedal better? By changing how it moves is the simple answer. Imagine a pedal which moves elliptically by simply riding like you normally do.

This Nikola pedal will ZIVO technology inside is designed to help riders minimize and avoid pains in their knees or hips when riding.  A road pedal that is comfortable without compromising the performance.

ZIVO technology activates the the pedal to slide 25 mm laterally inside the pedal body.  The pedal allows a greater rotation of hips reducing pressure on bike riders knee’s, IT bands, and hips.

Pedals use standard 9/16″ thread and Look Keo compatible cleats.

Weight 395g

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