Best Road Bike Pedals for Triathlons

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Best road bike pedals for triathlons

Dan Bryant

Best road bike pedals for triathlons. Great for your knees and hips giving a natural feel. High performance clipless bike pedals now available in chromoly and titanium.

Studies shows Nikola revolutionary pedals  creates a motion that distributes muscles used in the legs and introducing new muscle groups. This benefit  allows a cyclists to ride using the same effort, with a lower energy cost. The pedals are used by a variety of cyclists  like, road cyclist, racers, commuters, triathletes, stationary bicycle trainers, and just about any type of rider. Feedback from users state they feel less pain in their knees and hips with the Nikola pedals and can feel they climb hills better than any other pedal they used.

The motion of the pedal with Zivo™ Technology rotates around the crank arm with additional lateral motion away from the bike to simulate the motion of a skater. These two combined motions into one gives the cyclist a beneficial motion providing both comfort and sustained performance.

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  • Nikola XP-6 Stainless Steel Pedal

  • ZIVO™ Titanium High Performance Pedal (*Expect 6 weeks delivery due to demand)