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August 2017 Patent of the Month-Bike Fitting Measurement Tool for Pedals

A  pedal-fitting apparatus for dynamically fitting a generally laterally-moving bicycle pedal to an individual cyclist. Although the pedal-fitting apparatus is illustrated in the figures with a traditional “flat” pedal body, the present invention can also be practiced with various pedal configurations, for example, with a clipless pedal to which a cleat on a cycling shoe […]

An Idea is Born

An Idea is Born AN IDEA IS BORN I spent this past weekend working with a local university mentoring new entrepreneurs refining their ideas. A thought that won’t escape their frontal-lobe that could be the next great idea. Their concepts range form, already in prototype testing to mere sketches in a notebook. The participants spanned […]

Nikola Innovation – The backstory

Nikola Innovation – The backstory

  The idea was born while I was rollerblading with friends. After many miles of skating, I recognized the muscle fatigue associated with rollerblading, which felt significantly different, then when biking. This fatigue with my leg motion began my interest in understanding body mechanics and how to fully utilize my lower body muscles when riding […]

What will a bicycle look like in 50 years?

What will a bicycle look like in 50 years?

  I love playing the future game during our ideation sessions challenging status quo thinking and imagining what-if. The best way to put together a futuristic picture of a bike is to break it down into smaller parts. I have seen great new technologies that are a few years from market that will likely be […]

Bike Carrier for Railroad

Bike Carrier for Railroad THOMAS COLEMAN DU PONT, of Johnstown, Pennsylvania invented a bicycle-carrier for the purpose of carrying a bike on a train or streetcar.  This patent was filed on September 29, 1897 and likely the genesis for today’s bike rack carriers seen on many public transportation system across the world. Thomas Du Pont […]

September 2016 Patent of the Week- Amphibious Bike

September 2016 Patent of the Week- Amphibious Bike A patent was filed in June 1974 for the protection of the idea creating an amphibious bike. Benjamin Carter Locher of St. La Porte Texas created a bike which can be converted to use in water with an added propulsion and floating system . This was accomplished […]

The Day My Daughter’s Lemonade Stand Outsold Our Global Business

The Day My Daughter’s Lemonade Stand Outsold Our Global Business 2016 will go down as the summer of heat. Record breaking temperatures inspires a lemonade stand moguls dreams to come true. Arriving home one recent hot Friday, I noticed a lemonade stand as I turned the corner onto my street. A smile on my face […]

July 2016 Patent of the week

Sail Bike In 1899 RUDOLPH SORENSEN of Nebraska patented an idea to utilize the wind to naturally power a bike.  To accomplish this, the user attached a small mast and sail onto the rear of the bike.  The mast and sail is positioned to capture wind when riding in the correct direction.  The rider unleashes […]

220-221-Whatever It Takes

Lessons in Product Development In 1983 there was a classic John Hughes movie called “Mr. Mom” staring Michael Keaton. The movie is about a recently laid off dad who decides to stay at home and raise the kids while his wife accepts a new corporate job.  I remember one scene vividly where he is talking […]

Buying a “Real” Bike

  Countless family members and friends have approached me for advice on buying a real bike. Real bike meaning they’re committed to buy a reliable quality bike and ditch the bike owned since high school. It’s apparent there exists a large population who have not purchased a bike in years caught between overwhelmed with information […]

Mid June 2016 Patent of the Week

Mid June 2016 Patent of the week:   In March 2011, David Mandelbaum filed a US patent for a device to protect cyclists from automobile and road traffic. The extension alerts drivers thereby creating a three feet space between cyclists and vehicles. The device is made from flexible materials allowing it to bend in the […]

Human Performance Study on Lateral Pedals By Kenneth Sparks, Ph.D.

Human Performance Study on Lateral Pedals By Kenneth Sparks, Ph.D.   Ken Sparks Report–  This link is for the data and research conducted by Professor Kenneth Sparks of Cleveland State University. This bicycle pedal study where data was obtained for the comparison of a prototype bicycle pedal to a traditional pedal on 4 trained cyclists. […]

Switching to Clipless Pedals

In a previous blog we mentioned that over 2 million patents exist on bike pedals giving you the magnitude of variation and styles in existence. Generally there are three categories of bike pedals: platform or flat, toe cage or straps, and clipless. Platform pedals are the style we most likely all began riding and most […]

June Cycling Fact of the Month

On June 27, 1894, 24-year-old women named Annie Londonderry began a journey traversing the world on a sturdy 42-pound Columbia woman’s bike sporting a long skirt, corset and fashionable dress throughout this era.  Two Bostonian chauvinists who claimed no woman was capable to bicycle around the world challenged Annie to the feat. Annie was somewhat […]

Patent of the Month- Tennis Racket Carrier for a Bike

In July of 1982 Dennis Lundgren filed a US patent for a device to carry and hold a tennis racket onto a bike. The invention is intended to ease the burden of carrying a tennis racket or two while attempting to ride and control a bike. The basis of the idea is placing the device […]

Professional Bike fit – Is it for you?

When I was an exuberant 15-year old out seeking to expand my neighborhood reach, I saved up to buy the bike of my dreams. I scrutinized bike catalogs for a year trying to decide which model I wanted as well as could afford. Once I was certain what and were to buy, I dashed into […]

Three Tips for Spring Bike Ride

Three Tips for Spring Biking SPRING BIKE RIDE PREP The weather gods have smiled this year rushing in spring and waking people from the great hibernation. A craving to be outdoors and active has ignited and soon millions of people will be outside again. If you have been active this winter and maintained a decent […]

Tips for Cycling Hips

Tips for Cycling Hips

Each year over 100 million bicycles are sold to cyclists with a wide range of skill levels and conditioning. The number of riders grows for many reasons, including good health practices, affordability, and just for the pure fun of riding. The increase in the cycling population also brings a range of injuries. Among the most […]

Want to Ride in the Winter but have sore knees? Three easy fixes to your bike!

Want to Ride in the Winter but have sore knees? Three easy bike fixes! Experiencing knee pain this winter? The winter is not a cyclist’s favorite season as colder weather can cause the knees to become stiff and tight. Most people are not aware cycling could cause damage to your body: it is considered a […]

Developing a Bike Pedal Into a Business

The question, “what if?” is likely the foundation of many new products, software ideas, life-saving pharmaceuticals, as well as the start of ground breaking companies.   Seeing something you value and benefit from, but wonder if it could do more or be applied differently and result in a whole new product. Thousands of ideas and companies […]

Road Bike Pedal Patents and Other Bike Patents

Our company Nikola Innovation is developing a revolutionary road bike pedal technology providing riders comfort to their knee and hips while improving performance. We began this journey over six years ago entering into a bike industry that commands $70 billion a year in sales and over a billion riders in the world. Our focus is […]

Off and running: six startups to watch in 2015

An avid cyclist and roller blader, Nick Stevovich wanted to find a way to increase his performance and alleviate leg fatigue while bike racing. After trying different things, Stevovich developed an improved bike pedal that uses some of the concepts of rollerblading. Read the entire article

Outside Magazine Review by Aaron Gulley

On an established trainer workout that I do regularly, I was able to hit and hold my standard power numbers without any difficulty. Read the entire article

Nikola Innovation’s First Interbike Experience

For those who may not be familiar with the name Interbike, it’s the largest trade show for the biking industry held in Las Vegas. There are over 20,000 attendees with several thousand people working the booths and at the trade show. For a first time exhibitor you go through so many thoughts from excitement, intimidation, […]