About Nikola Innovation

Nikola Innovation created bike pedals with a unique concept that improves pedaling efficiency and rider comfort for cyclists through its patented Zivo™ Technology. Combining two motions of a skater and cyclist into one provides new efficiency, comfort, and power for the cyclist.

Our philosophies are driven from the basic laws of science. Our vision is to continue to develop ideas that harmonize the human body with the bicycle.

Nikola Innovation designs new products that improve cycling and help users to ride in comfort with optimal performance. We continue to be guided by our science driven development. In coordination with users, we work from the laboratory to the market building the foundation of our products and company on science and revolutionary thinking to bring new products to advance riders everywhere.

Working with world-class hospitals and universities in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, New York, and Spokane, Nikola Innovation designed a bike pedal system for any bike and cyclists. These studies show the pedals motion created by Zivo™ helps riders with knee and hip pain by allowing slight hip rotation reducing pain on joints in your leg. Thousands of demo rides support this research with the most common comment from our customer is “It feels natural!”

By allowing the hips to move freely through the lateral motion, cyclists benefit with reduced stress on knees and hips while using additional muscles like adductors and gluteus. The improved muscle capacity gives additional power for hill climbs or sustained speed. This truly is fresh idea for cycling bringing comfort and a healthy lifestyle to our customers.